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To meet the new requirements of Covid-19 conditions, we have developed a line of products in cooperation with other companies, consisting of protective barriers made of plexiglass, glass, leather and steel, designed to protect workers in offices or public places.

plexiglass or glass solution
Glass solution

Krpan's bracket is made of stainless steel, through which a transparent plexiglass plate is placed. We can customize it to your liking, both in terms of size and shape.

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High protection and transparency, thanks to protective screens that can be easily disinfected and can be attached with a fastening system not only to all About Office workstations but also to other desks.

For pre-existing workstations that provide privacy using melamine screens, a transparent version made of plexiglass or glass is available and allows attachment to pre-existing melamine elements.


Common areas will be usable again, while maintaining the security of all users, thanks to the partitions, in a transparent or satin version for a different level of privacy.

Protecting yourself and others is also possible in reception areas: the protective barrier that applies to the elements of melamine shelves will ensure safety and practicality.


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leather solution
Leather solution

Freestanding protection for a safer environment.

The system consists of two elements, which are free-standing and can look connected thanks to the shape of the base. A simple and practical solution that does not damage existing tables, by drilling holes.


There are two lengths of protection: 60cm and 120cm, so you can create any layout.

The panels are always upholstered with eco-leather from Switzerland, a material that is easy to clean.

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Image by United Nations COVID-19 Respons
Steel solution
steel solution

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