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About Us.

"Mibu is a consortium of very dynamic and flexible artisan companies, which in recent years has been able to establish itself as a partner and supplier for important industrial groups in the field of indoor and outdoor furniture and furnishing accessories.​The consortium includes a metal workshop, an industrial powder coating plant, two carpentry workshops, a wood processing industry and two upholstery workshops."


& Curiosity

Being a specialist is not made by birthright, but it comes
whit the experience & continuous curosity

We are very proud of our team of collaborators and partners.Each whit a

long history behind them. All united by passione, curiosity and willpower.

Always ready to give their all to get the best!


High Performance Materials

The secret is always in the selection of high-quality raw materials.

 Having ghatered experience for multipale generations has made us able

to use metals, glass, stone, ceramic, leather, fabrics and wood

of various kinds & types carefully selcted to also withstand outdoor weather elements.

We not only suggest solutions but we also available for specific consultancy

for the optimazation of your project.


& Finishing

Total flexebility in the Finishing and Colour selection

In the production of outstanding furniture, the finishing phase of 

the surface is surely particularly relevent.

The wide range of posibilities is always aimed at providing,

in adition to the desired aesthetic effect, the best features of durability

and maintenance ease, that are very important in the Hospitality 

sector to maintain a high performing product over time.


Products on Demand

Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of Contract 
Customers operating in the
Hotel & Public hospitality sector.
Architects have the chance to personalize not only the Indoor
but also the Outdoor Furniture whit their peronal touch.

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