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Our history

Through years of relentless research and constant refinement, we've embarked on an enduring journey to explore the endless possibilities of ancient materials and their integration with modern technologies.

This dedication has culminated in the creation of our Fully Customizable Furniture collection, meticulously designed, engineered, and manufactured for the most discerning professionals in the ORECA field.


Each piece embodies our commitment to excellence and innovation, offering a fusion of artistry, functionality, and sophistication to elevate any space. Welcome to a world where tradition meets innovation, and where every piece tells a story of passion and boundless creativity.

Being a specialist is not made by birthright, but it comes whit the experience & continuous curosity

We are very proud of our team of collaborators and partners. Each whit a long history behind them. All united by passione, curiosity and willpower.

Always ready to give their all to get the best!


Total flexebility in the Finishing and Colour selection

In the production of outstanding furniture, the finishing phase of the surface is surely particularly relevent. The wide range of posibilities is always aimed at providing, in adition to the desired aesthetic effect, the best features of durability and maintenance ease, that are very important in the Hospitality sector to maintain a high performing product over time.


High Performance Materials

The secret is always in the selection of high-quality raw materials. Having ghatered experience for multipale generations has made us able to use metals, glass, stone, ceramic, leather, fabrics and wood of various kinds & types carefully selcted to also withstand outdoor weather elements.

We not only suggest solutions but we also available for specific consultancy for the optimazation of your project.


Products on Demand

Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of Contract. Customers operating in the HotelPublic hospitality sector.Finally, Architects have the chance to personalize not only the Indoor but also the Outdoor Furniture whit their peronal touch.


Our work


make every moment of your life comfortable

Custom made, modern and classic furniture, for home and for contract, designed and made to measure with a single objective

We are the ideal partner for custom projects of hotels, restaurants, discos, wellness centres, cruise ships or villas. The experience gained is now combined with craftsmanship techniques and deep knowledge of raw materials, the highest quality and excellent ability to meet multiple requirements. The company is renowned for its flexibility, dynamism and readiness to interact with extremely diversified customers.

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